What can I do?

  1. Please realise, this will take some effort on your part.  Don't expect to outsource this campaign to others.  Please be persistent and keep contacting the the emails/numbers below.
  2. Contact us and see if there is a local group already established and to join our email list.  If not, consider creating your own.
  3. Speak with your neighbours, try to get as many people involved as possible.  If you don't see your neighourhood on this map, let us know and help organise your own local Tube Noise Action Group.
  4. Email us an impact statement for us to post so others may know.
  5. Raise the issue with TfL directly: communityrelations@tfl.gov.uk, and cc: contactus@tfl.gov.uk, Call TfL to complain at 0343 222 1234 (Don't expect a satifying response, just get it on the record.)

  6. Tell the Mayor of London.  (Again, get it on the record.)
  7. Email details of the noise, and how it is affecting you to your London Assembly member AND all the London wide Assembly members (there names will appear once you select your borough.
  8. Raise the issue with your MP.
  9. Make a noise complaint to your local council and cc your local councillors.
  10. If you have media contacts, try to get this story into the news.
  11. Share with us, any useful information.
  12. Volunteer to help!  We need it.  We all have jobs and families and are doing this on a volunteer basis.  Do not expect to send us an email and have the noise go away.  The areas with the most success, have gotten organised, communicated well and been very persistent.