46.4 decibels in my home - every 3 minutes.  19hrs a day (soon to be 24/7) - Notting Hill


"The past 11 months have been increasingly stressful, tiring and depressing. My whole family has suffered from disturbed sleep from August 2015 onwards. The noise penetrates every single room in our home. I personally have to get by an average of 5.30 or 6 hours of sleep per night and I am just exhausted. I work from home so there is no way I can escape the noise. My 16 year-old daughter too complained that she couldn't get enough rest during her GCSEs and that the noise made her revisions very difficult. She is now very anxious about what will happen in September if the noise continues as she starts 6th form. She said she wouldn't be able to cope studying for her A-levels if she had to endure the same level of noise as she did during GCSEs.

We all feel that Tfl has been negligent and cavalier with residents.

There is no excuse for this.

And after 11 months, there is still no solution in sight.

Tfl is NOT ready to start a 24-hour service and it shouldn't be allowed to before it solves the problems it has created for residents"




Notting Hill





I am a resident of Marylebone (Dorset Square area) and for the past few months

my life has been badly affected by a sudden surge in underground noise: what

was a low murmur is now thunderous, a roar.


No explanation is being offered by TfL and they do not say anything in reply to



One would in particular like TfL to tell us why we have this noise surge and,

specifically, to what specific public benefit is our domestic peace being

sacrificed? Their bureaucratic insolence is astounding: they appear to have not

even considered the acoustic pollution of whatever new practice they have



The social cost to hundreds of thousands of people seems an irrelevancy in TfL’s



The situation is so bad that some of us at least fear we will be driven from our

homes. It is the revelation of our impotence in the face of absolute power that is

so demoralizing, along with the constant reminders of it- the shaking of windows

and structures, of the very fabric of the building, the subterranean thunder.

Inevitably cities are noisy and we make trade offs- what is intolerable is the

addition of this menace to the many we have to live with: some of the worst

pollution in Europe, the traffic noise, the aircraft noise and other urban blights

such as dumped garbage and public urination (public urinals having largely



There comes a point where the struggle is no longer worth it.








It's a toss up between the constant loud trains and tubes on the tracks, or my sanity
In November, last year, I purchased a 1 bed flat in Harrow: between Harrow on the Hill and North Harrow. It's on the 3rd floor overlooking the Metropolitan Line and the train to Marylebone. It was the only property I could afford to purchase.
I have spent nearly £3000 to replace the previous double glazed windows with windows that are meant to reduce noise external noise. That's £3000 on 3 windows. It's reduced the mid and high-frequency noise to a rumble when the windows are closed. Needless to say, when the windows are open in any one room, the noise reverberates around the flat, and you have to raise the level of your voice when speaking to anyone, or raise the level of the TV. Most people look forward to Summer when they can relax or open the windows to get some cool air through the property. I don't have that luxury. It's a toss up between the constant loud trains and tubes on the tracks, or my sanity (while I sweat in an enclosed room). 
And now I hear that TFL are planning to run the Night Tube on the Metropolitan line!!/??? That's just more noise pollution - at unsociable hours. And they are talking about doing upgrades to the line. So, far, from what I have read about TFL's line upgrades, they have made the noise and vibration levels worse than before they started the upgrades. PLEASE don't devalue my property anymore than it already is.
I really don't know how those in charge of TFL or the Night tube can sleep at nights. Actually, it's probably because they don't live next to a tube line.

N.C. Harrow
Swiss Cottage
I live on Belsize Lane, and in the last year I feel that the noise of the tube has increased greatly.  I had a baby in November 2014, and was up at night listening to the noise which I felt was new around that time. We have been in this house for 9 years, and on a nearby road for another 4 years without hearing this noise.
The tube noise has got progressively louder, and now I can hear it all the way up our terraced house. I feel it vibrating.  The noise is louder in the early morning (5.30 - 7) and in the evening (around 8-9 pm).  It's hard to rest when there is a rumbling noise that starts and stops and you don't know when it will come.  I'm worried that the Night Tube will make noise throughout the night and wake us up.