Is noise from the tube disrupting your life?  You are not alone.

Residents from all over London have been suffering a recent marked increase in noise from the tube.  Some, who have been living in their flat for decades, describe it as "having a train right under our floorboards".  Many have trouble sleeping, working and concentrating in their own homes.  This damages their health and well being.  The night tube now runs on a number of lines disturbs some people at all hours.  What is causing the increase in noise?  There are many possibilities but without clear answers from the engineers whose responsibility it is to maintain the system, we will not know.  

TfL need to make the changes to comply with their own and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.  


If tube noise is disrupting your life, contact us to join our campaign to do something about it.


But be warned, we don't have easy solutions.  This will require effort on your part if you want to make a change in your area.